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I'm Danni and i'm Mimi and we are the founders of Lift Studio London

Our studio is a long awaited dream we had, to create a safe space for a community of like minded women who want to build their strength and confidence whilst learning how to lift.

We are evidence based coaches that help you make real progress, whilst having a compassionate based approach to create trust that your progress comes in many different forms and is not associated with sweating, DOMS or how much you weigh.

Ever since we began coaching we have trained our clients in a holistic way to enhance their well being and not take away from it. We want to cancel out the noise of the fitness industry and say a massive "F*ck you" to diet culture.
We encourage training for joy and not punishment and we do not support food restriction but celebrate mind, body and soul nourishment.

We will never ask you how much you have lost, only how much you have "gained".