Bundle. Design your own program, 10 Week Complete Program, Christmas Glow Up

10 Week Periodised Program

This is a full 10 week periodised program split into 2 phases. There is a volume phase followed by a strength phase. Each phase lasts for 5 weeks. This program puts into practice everything we talked about in our "design your own program" guide but is also a program you can get on with yourself now.


What you will need:

Barbell & weights

A chin up bar or TRX/Rings to practice chin up variations

Bands (long & mini)




What we wish we had knows before we started lifting

Ever been confused about what's important and what's not for making progress in the gym? We have you covered with this comprehensive guide to lifting.


Training Fundamentals

○ What's important and what's not

○ "Toning" & "Bulking"

○ Training towards failure

○ Volume made simple

○ Rep ranges

○ Rest times

○ Tracking your workouts

○ Common training mistakes

○ Progress pyramid


Your Workout 

○ Program phases

○ Program Structure

○ How to warm up

○ Common warm up mistakes

○ Post workout

○ Stretching, flexing & niggles


Optimising Training with Nutrition

○ Nutrition habits & the basics

○ Nutrition pyramid


Outside of the Gym

○ Training feels

○ Adding extra exercise in 

○ Language matters

○ Gym lingo

○ Reading list


Design your own program

A guilde to help you understand how to set up your workouts optimally to suit your level, your goals and your lifestyle with the equipment you have avalible to you.


Do you walk into the gym without a plan and stares at the equipment overwhelmed?


You head to the gym with good intentions, you squat but then you doubt what exercise you should do next?


You keep buing influencer programs but you would like to be able to create you're own. You would like to trust what you are doing when you set up the session yourself?


You want to know why you are doing something?


You want a program specifialy designed to gain strength and muscle?


Christmas Glow Up

A guide to help you lose the guilt, ambrace the mince pies & feel fabulous bringing in the new year.


You're feeling stressed leadin gup to Christmas?

How will you fit in your workouts?

You're worried you will lose all the progress you've built this year?

You're excited to take off time off at Christmas but you dread the January guilt that comes with the "break"?



Bundle. Design your own program, 10 Week Complete Program, Christmas Glow Up