A beginners guide to lifting.

Ever been confused about what's important and what's not for making progress in the gym? We have you covered with this comprehensive guide to lifting.


Training Fundamentals

○ What's important and what's not

○ "Toning" & "Bulking"

○ Training towards failure

○ Volume made simple

○ Rep ranges

○ Rest times

○ Tracking your workouts

○ Common training mistakes

○ Progress pyramid


Your Workout 

○ Program phases

○ Program Structure

○ How to warm up

○ Common warm up mistakes

○ Post workout

○ Stretching, flexing & niggles


Optimising Training with Nutrition

○ Nutrition habits & the basics

○ Nutrition pyramid


Outside of the Gym

○ Training feels

○ Adding extra exercise in 

○ Language matters

○ Gym lingo

○ Reading list

A beginners guide to lifting.