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When does the next intake start?

Our next start date is Monday 23rd October

How does the programming work?


We utilise different rep ranges and sets to optimise your progress.

Each session is full body so you get optimal frequency for muscle growth and strength and we ensure you cover all the movement patterns in each session.

Our programs are designed for strength gains and muscle gains (toning). We love training our bums so they programs are usually quite bum heavy!


Our programs are low impact (we will never make you do burpees) and scaleable to every level.

Do you help with weight loss goals?

Yes we do IF this is something you want to work on and it's not something we push. We are anti diet culture not anti diet. This means we will help you reach your goals in a sustainable way so that this is the last time you have to do it.

No "12 week shred" or "weight loss challenges" designed to make you fail.

This isn't a cookie cutter calorie goal or meal plan. We have a holistic approach to wellbeing, we will meet you where you're at and come up with the best action plan for you. This comes along with mindset work and working on your relationship with food and your body.

Our ultimate goal is to help you feel amazing in your skin.

Do I need weight lifting experience and do I need to be fit already?

Absolutely not. Everything we do it scaleable from absolute beginner to intermediate level. This is a safe space to train free from judgment and comparison.

This is exactly what we are here for :)

How do the sessions work?

✓ Max 6 people per coach

✓ Sessions last 1:15. This is enough time to spend time on your big lifts and rest between sets.

✓ Each session is full body and we. cover all the movement patterns

What time are the session?

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*The schedule is subject to change depending on demand

Will I have support?

Not only will our expert coaches guide, support and encourage you in the sessions. You will also have the other Lift members supporting and encouraging you the whole way. You will be a part of our community Whats App group where we share all out tips, ticks, successes and struggles.

Why don't you show transformation pictures?

Although we support fat loss goals we believe there are so many more markers of progress.


The fitness industry is obsessed with pushing fat loss to women as the only reason to exercise. It's our mission at lift to focus on the gains rather than the losses. Gaining strength, a new skill, knowledge, community.


Changing our mindset to one of abundance, also had a knock on effect on our aesthetic goals and body image too.

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What makes us different?

At Lift Studio LDN we help you reach your goals by:

✓ We meet you where you're at

✓ We make your goals work for your lifestyle rather than your lifestyle being dictated to by your goals.

✓ We focus on nourishment not punishment

✓ We have an evidence approach to training & nutrition

✓ We have a compassionate approach to coaching whilst keeping you accountable to your goals.

Why should I join?

We change your lifestyle once and for all.

✓ We take the stress out of making progress so you have more time to live your life.

✓ So that you don't have to do it alone.

How do I know this time will be different?


✓ We've been through it ourselves and have spent years helping other women do the same.  

✓ We are real people like you. Not Gymshark ambassadors or athletes.
 95% of our clients stay with us for longer than 12 weeks, because they enjoy it and are finally making real progress.

What's holding you back?

Fear of yet another quick fix that back fires?
Fear of failure?
Fear you're different and it won't work for you?
Fear you're not gonna get the support?
Fear it's a waste of money?

You are capable of getting the results, you just need the tools, the support and the confidence that you can get the life you want in the body you are happy living in. 

Why trust us?

It's out passion helping women just like you.

✓ This is the exact reason we started Lift. We knew the industry needed a different approach.

✓ We want to make sure that you don't go through what we went through to make the progress you desire. 

 We have over 15 years experience.


Listen to our podcast to find out more. L

What do I have to lose?

Absolutely nothing. We are so confident in our approach we will give you your money back if you don't make progress.

You literally have nothing to lose.

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