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At Lift Studio LDN, we specialise in small-group personal training sessions with a maximum of six participants. Our approach to fitness is rooted in evidence-based weight lifting, specifically designed to help you gain strength and build muscle effectively. 

We are so confident that you will love your time with us that we offer a 10-day money-back guarantee. If you decide within this period that we are not the right fit for you, we will honour a full refund.


Focus on strength, muscle, and routine.


 ✓ 4 weekly small group PT sessions (6 people per coach)

 ✓ Periodised programming (adaptations available for injuries)

 ✓ Training logbook

 ✓ Accountability support

 ✓ Comprehensive guides

 ✓ Monthly workshops (worth £30)

 ✓ Social events

 ✓ 1 complimentary osteopath appointment (worth £60)

 ✓ Gym access during non-session times (worth £60)

Membership details:

  • £21.25 per session

  • Risk-free; cancel within the first 10 days

  • 16-week commitment after the initial 10 days



All studio benefits plus body composition & behaviour change guidance.

Additional benefits:

  ✓Weekly 1-on-1 check-ins (2 via Zoom, 2 written)

  ✓Personalised approach based on your needs and goals

  ✓Support with calorie & macronutrient tracking (if appropriate)

  ✓Structured support without tracking numbers (if appropriate)

  ✓Community and support from others with similar goals

  ✓Physical journal for routine, accountability & Mindset

Membership details:

  • Enquire for costs

  • Risk-free; cancel within the first 10 days*

  • 16-week commitment after the  initial 10 days


*The studio fee will be refunded fully within 10 days. Nutrition & Habits fee is non-refundable.


Focus on building strength and muscle with 121 off-peak personal training.


 ✓ Personalized programming

 ✓ Training logbook

 ✓ Accountability support

Pricing details:

  • £70-£100 per session*

  • Minimum 4-week commitment


*Non-refundable commitment

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