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We Love a Kettlebell!

Why kettlebells are essential and why we use them in every workout


We love a kettlebell for everyone from newbies to strength training to our more advanced clients.


What is a Kettlebell? 

You may have yet to use a kettlebell if you are new to the gym. However, they are very popular, so it won't be long. A kettlebell was traditionally used as a counterweight in markets for weighing items, anything from meats to apples. Nowadays, they are a go-to for gym goers and personal trainers.

How to Identify a Kettlebell

The kettlebell is a round-shaped weight with a handle, a similar shape traditional water heated Kettle for a gas stove, just a lot heavier! The ones we have in the gym are predominately white with a black handles. However, we have just ordered some bright orange soft-touch Kettlebells from Mirafit, so you will see these in the gym.


How we use Kettlebells in the Gym

We use the kettlebells creatively with exercise to push our members. The types of exercise depend on the classes. The Kettlebell provides the opportunity to work all types of muscles, the core, back shoulders. They really can do it all. The exercises with the Kettlebells are really different, and this makes them an exciting apparatus. This also keeps our members motivated. 


Popular Kettlebell Exercises


  • Kettlebell Deadlift

  • Goblet Squat

  • Kettlebell Row

  • Kettlebell Snatch

  • Kettlebell Press

  • Farmers Walks

  • Anything with a front rack grip


Why We Love The Kettle

Using a Kettlebell for the main lifts, and repetitions requires the core muscles to work and support the movement. The exercises are nearly all using multiple muscles. As a result you get a lot of bang for your buck!


  • Builds strength

  • Great for core

  • 25 + exercises

  • Great for all levels of client


Builds strength - They require good grip strength and can be increased in size as you feel more confident. You typically hold a kettle for the duration of the set, so your muscles are also always under tension. 


Great for core - Weight training requires a lot of core strength. Even basic movements such as a squat and deadlifts require a lot of core engagement. You can also train your core more directly with movements such as a farmer's walk.


25+ Exercises - This means you will never get bored or reach the end of the apparatus' usefulness. The sheer variety of training you can do with a kettle is what makes it so appealing.


Great for all levels of client - Thanks to the range of weights and variations in exercises, they are suitable for all levels of client and remain a brilliant tool for general fitness. Whether you are training indoors or out, the kettlebell is great. 


Final thoughts

The above are the reasons are some of the main reasons we love Kettlebells, and we’re sure that once you train with them, you will see just how good they are for your fitness routines.    

So, if you are not yet signed up with us or would like to know more about Lift Studio London, view our About page. Our trainers are on hand to help you with every stage of your fitness journey, and we have popular classes, so don’t miss out on them. Get involved and join the waitlist here

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