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I'm Danni and i'm Mimi and we are the founders of Lift Studio LDN

Our studio is a long awaited dream, to create a safe space for a community of like minded women who want to build their strength and confidence whilst learning how to lift.

We are evidence based coaches that help you make real progress, whilst having a compassionate based approach to create trust that your progress comes in many different forms and is not associated with sweating, DOMS or how much you weigh.

We want to cancel out the noise of the fitness industry and say a massive "F*ck you" to diet culture.

We will never ask you how much you have lost, only how much you have "gained". 


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Hey I’m Mish, strength coach, psychological life coach and a co-host on podcast Returning to One’s Self. 


I help women unlearn unhelpful social conditionings, let go of self-sabotage and reach place of radical self-acceptance. When it comes to strength coaching, I’m very passionate about helping women overcome their doubts and fears and guide them through everything they can be capable of.


 I coach through empowerment compassion and strongly believe that everything you want to be is already within you, you just need to be shown how to reconnect with it. 


My favourite thing about working with women is seeing them finally see themselves with admiration, whole acceptance and realise that they are good enough as they are, leaving all their need to change, in order to prove themselves to the world, behind.


Also, I love Bulgarians *

* the split squats ones, I don't have a weird obsession with the people of Bulgaria .



I’m Sheriya and I’m a coach at Lift Studio LDN. I’ve been a coach for a few years now and also teach Pilates and Barre. In my session I like to focus on technique and having fun. I like clients to feel encouraged, confident and listened to. My ethos when It comes to adding weight is… if you are asking you already know the answer. 
Overall I want you to listen and to understand your body in the session and to know that it is a mind body connection we are striving for. Oh and of course lifting like pros!



All about encouragement not punishment. But a firm believer in doing things that you don’t necessarily love are part of the journey because they help character build. 

Having lived in the hamster wheel of diet culture for many a year, I found lifting and it helped me finally break that cycle. It taught me the power of going slow and building a set of small but powerful habits that I could use across my life and not just in the gym. 

You will find me in the studio either chit chatting or taking 2 hours to finish my own session!

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Hi, I’m Emily! Like many women I started my fitness journey as a ‘cardio class, carb-cutting clown’. I found strength training seven years ago and haven’t looked back! I started coaching to help women build confidence and find the freedom of living a balanced lifestyle. I’m all about people enjoying the exercise they do and encouraging important fundamentals, like strength training and compassion! 
When I’m not in the studio, you’ll find me teaching Dance Fitness classes, and eating croissants.

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